HR41 Drops for insomnia – Masood



Insomnia is sleep disorder that is characterized by difficult feeling and / or staying sleep. People suffering from insomnia have one or more following signs and symptoms are difficult falling sleep, walking up often during the night having trouble going back to sleep, waking up too early in the morning. Felling tired upon walking. Insomnia may be due to major or long lasting stress or emotional upset. Other problems causing insomnia are depression, anxiety, post trauma stress, chronic ongoing pain, stroke etc. Masood’s HR 41 gives you comfortable sleep for complete 8 hours.

Dosage: 50-60 drops 1 hour before going to bed with fresh water.



Each 1ml contains:

  • Avena sativa 1D 60% v/v
  • Passiflora Inc 1D 5% v/v
  • Piscida Ery 1D 15% v/v
  • Valeriana off 1D 20% v/v

With excipients q.s.

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20ml Drops