M’BULANS Spray ( for all kind of Emergencies) – Kamal



For relief in pains (trauma, head & chest) fainting, vomiting, diarrhoea, fever, sunstroke and rashes on skin. Also helpful for difficulty in breathing & passing urine, allergies as well as for normalizing blood pressure.


Orally: In acute cases, 3 to 5 sprays( 1 Spray contains 5 to 7 drops) repeat after 5 minute till situation improves. Locally: Spray on the effected part and massage gently





Aconite 3x
Arnica 3x
Ars.alb 6x
Cantharis 6x
Chamomilla 3x
Crataegus 2x
Ignatia 6x
Ipecacuanha 6x
Ledum pal 3x
Phosphorus 8x
Staphysagria 6x

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30ml Spray