Damia Gold Drops (Male Sexual Weakness) – Dr. Reckeweg Germany



Damia gold is the latest product of Dr. Reckeweg which has been prepared after extensive tests to be extremely beneficial in cases of sexual weakness and low desire, and consequent general weakness.

As cases  of sexual weakness and lack of desire are increasing everyday due to increased pressure of modem day life, stress, and side effects of various medications


Dosage: 10 drops four times daily in small amount of water.



Acid Phos: General weakness with impotency specially in diabetic Patients.

Angus Castus: Lack of sexual desire, forgetful and mental depression.

Caladium: Impotency with no desire, Spermatorrhoea, no erection on effort.

Damiana:  Sexual neurasthenia, useful in old cases, Revitalization of sexual organs.

Muira Puama: Absence or low sperm count sexual weakness, deficient sexual power.

Nuphar Luteum: Absence of sexual desire, no erection, involuntary emission, testicles painful, Penis size reduced.

Ginseng: Stimulates physical and mental activity, enhances performance and has a stimulating effect on the sexual glands.

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50ml Drops