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Online Homoeopathic Clinic
آن لائن ہومیوپیتھک کلینک

With the advent of technology it has become very easy to remotely get connected with patients and get detailed symptoms and their clinical test results. Keeping the same in view we have are available for online consultancy & counseling after appointment.                           Fee Charges : Acute Cases Rs. 300,Chronic Cases: Rs.500                                                                                     Deposit your fee through Easy Paisa / Jazz Cash accounts at +923165702828

Our ؑExpert Homoeopaths Panel
ہمارا مستند ہومیوپیتھس کا پینل

In our Panel, experienced Homoeopaths are available for clinical consultation and diagnosis. You can review details at our OUR PANEL page and also can book an appoint by clicking under mentioned page and contacts.

Rizwan Hameed – Homoeopath
Associated with Homoeopathy since May – 2000
For Contact: +923165702828
Email: homoeopaithonline@gmail.com

Online Homoeo Store
آن لائن ہومیو سٹور

We have wide range of Homoepathic products from Leading  Homoeopathic manufacturing pharmacies of world that can supplied at your door step. Major Imported Homoeopathic Pharmacies are SCHWABE (GERMANY),Dr. RECKEWEG (GERMANY), LEHENING (FRANCE), PEKKANA (GERMANY) PFLUGER (GERMANY).   Pakistani Homoeopathic Pharmacies:                KAMAL LABORATORIES,MASOOD PHARMA, PAUL-BROOKS LAB,KENT PHARMACY,BM PHARMACY,MEKTUM PHARMACY

Available Homoeopathic Products for online Order
آن لائن آرڈر کے لئے دستیاب ہومیوپیتھک ادویات

Holistic Approach to Cure
نظریہ بلمثل کے عین مطابق علاج

Holistic Approach

Its basic concept is based on vital force (Inner energy or soul) of each individual suffered due to the ill actions of person so its remedies prescribed by keeping the whole personality based which cures as a sick termed to be restored in normal life.

It’s the natural and safer way of treatment ultimately introduced due to the complication of other way of treatments.

It completely cures the patient rather just vanishing of the disease.

Homoeopathic medicines are proved on human beings rather on animals so individualized focus on each person according to the personality of individual.

Homoeopathy focuses the not merely disappearing of symptoms but restore the health physically,mentally, socially and spiritually.

Homoeopathic remedies are prepared in energy shape so acts on nerves more rapidly as compare to other systems where drugs are inhaled or swallowed in crude formation.

It is free from any chemical or cortisones so side effects ratio is almost lowest level.

More than 60% homoeopathic remedies are prepared from plant kingdom so naturally its more closer to the human beings.

Homoeopaths are more counselors rather a doctor so they focus the whole history of the patient which lead to ultimate cure the cause of the disease.

Homoeopath’s (Maseeha) Role
مسیحا کا کردار

Samuel Hahnemann – Founder of Homoeopathy

(Maseeha) Homoeopath’s  Role is greater than other way of systems like:

Homoeopath is morally strong as he have to take the details of patients based on full life which includes their habits, daily pattern of life, relationships each others, behaviors towards family-friends and common people and above all the emotions.

Supposed to be good counselor rather just a prescriber as most of rejected patients comes at Homoeopathic clinics.

Always focus the Empathy which leads to understand and acknowledgment of patients personality image.


A strong observer as most of prescriptions are based on modality based.

An expert homoeopath is good pharmacist as well so not only can prepare the remedies himself but understand the quality of remedy.

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