ALFALFA TONIC for Appetite and general weakness – Masood


A Tonic for Whole Family 


Convalescence, General weakness, Nervous debility, loss of appetite, anemia and chlorosis.


Adults: 1 tablespoonfuls 3 times a day before meal.

Children: 1 tablespoonfuls before meal.

OR To be used as directed by a registered Homeopath



Each 5ml contain: Homoeopathic Mother Tinctures of Alfalfa 3.5% v/v, China off 2.5% v/v, Avena Sativa 2.0% v/v, Hydrastis Can 1.2% v/v and Dilutions of Calc Phos 1DH 0.1% v/v, Kali Phos 1DH 0.1% v/v, Nat Phos 1DH 0.1% v/v, Mag Phos 1DH 0.1% v/v, Ferr Phos 1DH 0.1% v/v and Ferric Citrate  1DH 0.1% v/v with Aromatics, Citri Limonum Saure and Preservatives.

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