Ptk. 40 Drops (Damiana Pentarkan) Original Schwabe Germany for poor libido and impotence


مردانہ بانجھ پن میں سب سے زیادہ موثر


Damiana homeopathic medicine is traditionally used for the treatment of conditions involving nervous exhaustion; including neurasthenia; poor libido and impotence ( مردانہ کمزوری میں سب سے بہترین)

Derived from Damiana plant it has a history to treat nervous exhaustion. These conditions may occur due to a lack of blood supply or a tough work routine. It improves libido during activity and improves your sex drive.

*Do not self-medicate. Please consult your physician.

Dosage/ Uses 

Damiana Pentarkan Ptk 40 drop benefits include improvement in sexual satisfaction, increase orgasm frequency, successfully used as a treatment for poor libido, and impotence.

Unless otherwise prescribed, for successful results use 10-20 drops of Damiaplant should be taken 3 – 4 times a day.

Adults Only: Damiana drops are strictly for Adult males unless otherwise prescribed.

Take the drops half an hour before or after meals, and preferably keep them in the mouth for a while before swallowing.



100 g Ptk 40 drops contain: Acidum phosphoricum 2X 10 g; Ambra 3X 10 g; Damiana Ø 30 g; Panax ginseng Ø 10 g; Excipients Q.S. to 100 g. Ethanol 76% (V/V).

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