Oleum jec Ø (Mother Tincture) Original Schwabe Germany


Cod-liver Oil

Internally, a nutrient and a hepatic and pancreatic remedy (Burnett). Emaciation, lassitude, scrofulous diseases, rheumatic affections. Atrophy of infants, emaciation with hot hands and head, restless and feverish at night. Pains in liver region. Tuberculosis in the beginning.

Highly recommended for excessive hairs on female body especially facial, chin and chest hairs. Restores the hormonals system in females. 

In children it is used for improving their height.

Dose.–First to third trituration. Locally in ringworm, and nightly rubbing, for dwarfish, emaciated babies. (5 drops in children and 10 drops in adults). 

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20ml Drops