Damiaplant Drops for Male Erectile Dysfunction – Original Schwabe Germany


  مردانہ عضو خاص کے تناؤ کو برقرار رکھنے میں معاون 

Male Activity Enhancer for longer time.


Erectile dysfunction or impotence is an inability to maintain firmness in the penis and erection during sexual activity. Major causes include diabetics, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, or heart diseases.

Damiaplant drops are a combination of five traditional homeopathic remedies Agnus castus, Damiana, Muira puama, Nuphar luteum and Ginseng.

Traditionally used for the treatment of all types of conditions involving weakness; including nervous exhaustion; neurasthenia; insufficient libido and impotence. Damiaplant Germany is a homeopathic medicine for sexually long time and promotes to Men’s health during sexual activity.

Dosage / Uses

Damiaplant benefits include improvement in libido and sexual satisfaction, increase orgasm frequency, successfully used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Unless otherwise prescribed, for successful results use 10-20 drops that should be taken 3 – 4 times a day after the meal. Damiaplant homeopathic medicine works well when used along with Manuia tablets.

Adults Only: Damiaplant drops are only for Adult males unless otherwise prescribed



100 g drops contain: Agnus castus 2X 10 g; Damiana Ø 10 g; Muira puama Ø 10 g; Nuphar luteum 2X 10 g; Ginseng Ø 10 g; Excipients Q.S. to 100 g. Ethanol 66 % (V/V).

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20ml Drops