Muira Puama Ø (Ptychopetalum) – Mother Tincture- Original Schwabe Germany


Muira Puama is known by the scientific  name of Ptychopetalum as per the Pharmacopeia of EHPI.

Key Indications: 

Traditionally it is used as male nerve tonic which have the ability to improve sexual dysfunction. improves the Nervous system. Helps to restore energy during the sexual activity. Rated in male impotence recovery by increasing testosterone level. It also help to control female nervous system during the sexual activity and activates the passion and performance.

The native communities have used the Muira Puama stems and barks with ethanolic Muira Puama extract as a treatment for depression, sexual dysfunction, aphrodisiac, anti-tremor, appetite modulator and as a “nerve tonic.

Recommended Dose: In old people above 60 (40 Drops dose) 40 to 60 years old 20 to 30 Drops 3 times in a day. For enhancing the desired results 40 drops dose at night after the 1 hour of dinner and before the activity.

Its general use in 5 to 10 drops keeps the nervous system activated and avoid the depression. Recommended to use with Passiflora Ø and Avena Sativa Ø.



This small tree is native to the Amazonian region of South America

Parts of the plant used in Homoeopathic MT:

The bark & Stem of the tree.

Active Ingredient: One of the main active ingredients in muira puama is an alkaloid known as muirapuamine.

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20ml Drops