Happi Kidney Syrup (Sugar free) for UTI & Kidney stones – Kamal

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Happi-Kidney is indicated for the relief of urinary tract infections and renal calculi (stones) characterized by symptoms of difficult or painful urination, presence of red blood cells in urine, low urine output and swelling with nausea, vomiting and pain in lower back. In case of renal calculi, it helps to eliminates stones from kidney and urinary tract. It is useful remedy as a bacteria killer and pain reliever in all type of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

Dosage: Children: One teaspoon three times a day. Adult: One tablespoon three times a day.




Formica rufa 3CH, Belladonna 3CH, Smilax ornata 3CH, Colocynthis 3CH, Pulsatilla 3CH, Urtica urens 3CH, Solidago virg 3DH, Berberis vulg 3DH, Pariera brava 3DH, Nephrine 4CH
Excipients =q. s

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120ml Sugar free Syrup, 240ml Sugar Free Syrup