Cilir Syrup (Sugar Based) for H. Pylori & GIT Disorders – Kamal

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Very Effective for all Stages of H. Pylori & GIT Disorders. 


Anti-ulcer, possesses anti-H.Pylori activity, used for the treatment of gastro-intestinal disorders.
Acts strongly as anti-viral, used for reducing the viral load and also as a hepatoprotective.
Anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.
Used against fever, cough and pulmonary infections.
Effective in kidney stones, renal parenchymal, degenerative changes in glomeruli and focal calcification in glomerulo-tubular structures.


Adults: One tablespoon three times a day after meal Children: One teaspoon three times a day after meal



Bergenia ciliata Ø  = 1.5 ml (25 drops app.)

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120ml Syrup, 240ml Syrup