Bioplasgen No.9 for Dysentery – Schwabe Germany



Traditionally bioplasgen 9 uses as supportive treatment in dysentery. Pain when stools begin to pass. A constant urge to empty the bowels. The symptoms vary in severity depending on the virulence of the organism. Common is diarrhea with blood & mucus, the temperature is raised and sometimes there is associated vomiting.


Adults: Unless otherwise prescribed, adults should take 4 tablets four times a day at a 3-hourly interval

Children: Unless otherwise prescribed, children should receive no more than 2 tablets four times a day at 3-hourly intervals.

Take the Bioplasgen® No. 9 tablets half an hour before or after meals, and preferably allow them to dissolve slowly in the mouth. As soon as an improvement is felt, reduce the frequency of use.

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