Vita C 15 Forte Ampules for Physical Stress – Dr. Reckeweg Germany


Indications:¬†Headache & Migraine, Parkinson’s & Trembling, Neuralgia & Nerve Pain, Weakness & Fatigue, Weak Memory, Impotency, Premature Ejaculation


Ingredients:¬†Acid. ascorbic., Decoct. Fruct. Cynosbati, Decoct. Fruct. Sorb. aucupar., extract of Fruct. Citri, Saccharum, Saccharum tostum, Extr. Ginseng, Acid. phosph. D3, Cocculus D 5, Helonias dioica D 5, Ignatia D5, Sepia D 5, Zincum met. D6, Ethanol, Aqua pur. Due to a larger enrichement with 0,5% of ascorbic acid, it is an excel-lent cellular as well as humoral activator of the cellular metabolism. Its full tonifying and vitality-stimulating effect has been obtained only after additing the Ginseng. As demonstrated in the following explanations, the denomination “Tonic” is therefore justified under every point of view.

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10 Ampules of each 2ml