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Super Moringa Tablets


General debility, nervous exhaustion, loss of appetite, body weakness, weak memory, senility problems & manage weight.

Masood’s Super Moringa tablets are an excellent source of important multivitamins and minerals. All day natural energy. Rich in antioxidants. Helps to manage weight. Boosts metabolism. Increase focus & reduces stress. Super supplement for family. Moringa oleifera Nutritional facts: 4 times more calcium (Ca) than milk. 3 times more potassium (k) than banana. 2 times more protein than yogurt. 9 times more iron (Fe) than.

Adults:2 tablets twice daily.Children:1 tablet twice daily.



Each tablet contains:

Moringa oleifera Q 1.2ml v/w.

Supplement Facts per 100g (dried leaf):

Calories 329
Proteins 29.4g
Fats 5.2g
Carbohydrates 41.2g
Fiber 12.5mg
Vitamin B1 2.02mg
Vitamin B2 21.3mg
Vitamin B3 7.6mg
Vitamin C 45.8mg
Vitamin E 10.8mg
Calcium 2185mg
Magnesium 448mg
Phosphorus 252mg
Potassium 1236mg
copper 0.49mg
Iron 25.6mg
Sulphur 25.6mg

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