Ptk. 63 Drops For Gastritis – Schwabe Germany



Traditionally Nux vomica drops are used for the treatment of stomach complaints; such as gastritis.

  • For the treatment of stomach problems.
  • Relief people with acute, nervous irritable stomach as a result of stress or anger.
  • May occur after excessive consumption of luxury goods such as tobacco or alcohol.
  • It also relieves accompanying symptoms such as loss of appetite, nausea, heartburn and bloating.

*Do not self-medicate. Please consult your physician.


In the case of acute symptoms take 1 tablet every hour, at most 12 times a day until improvement occurs. In chronic cases take 1 tablet 3 times a day.

The dosage depends on the type and severity of the disease. Get advice from your homeopath about the right dosage for you. For more information, see the package insert

Note: It contains lactose and wheat starch.



100 g Ptk 63 drops contain: Anacardium 4X 10 g; Arsenicum album 5X 10 g; Centaurium erythraea e planta tota recente 1X 10 g; Leonurus cardiaca 1X 10 g; Nux vomica 3X 10 g; Excipients Q.S. to 100 g. Ethanol 58 % (V/V).

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20ml Drops