Majorana Origanum Ø (Mother Tincture) Original Schwabe Germany


Sweet Marjoram

Recommended use as per homoeopathic Materia Medica:

Acts on nervous system generally, and is effective in masturbation and excessively aroused sexual impulses. Affections of the breasts (Bufo). Desire for active exercise impelling her to run.

Female.–Frotomania, powerful lascivious impulses, leucorrhœa, hysteria. Lascivious ideas and dreams.

Relationship.–Compare: Ferula glauca (in violent sexual excitement in women, icy coldness in occiput); Plat; Valer; Canth; Hyos.

Dosage: 10 to 20 Drops or as per Advise of Homoeopathic Physician. 


As per Pharmacopoeia :

Homoeopathically used in affections of breast, erotomania, hysteria, leucorrhoea, nymphomania, seminal emissions and sexual irritation.

Distribution:  Southern Europe, northern Africa  and Asia extensively  cultivated in India.

Part used: Whole plant.

Drug Strength: 1/10 = 1x

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20ml Drops