Kent 17 Drops for Catarrh And Sinusitis – Kent Pharma



  • Acute and chronic sinusitis.
  • Effective in runny nose, sneezing and sinusitis.
  • Good in catarrh of upper respiratory tract.
  • Maxillary sinus, frontal sinus and ethmasphenoid areas.
  • Nasal catarrh, headache and coryza.


In general use 10 drops three times daily in some water.

Liquid contains particles that are part of medicine.



Arsenicum album D6, China arsenicosum D6, Cinnabaris D6, Ferrum phosphoricum D8, Kalium bichromicum D5, Lemna minor D3, Mercurius solubilis D10, Pulsatilla D6, Silicea D30,Teucrium marum verm D6, Vinca minor D3.


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