Ars sulf flav (Homoeopathic Potency) – Original Schwabe Germany

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Homoeopathic Materia Medica (William BOERICKE)

Dose.–Third to thirtieth potency or higher. Locally, the tincture, but should never be applied hot or at all when abrasions or cuts are present. It can be used only on Homoeopathic Physician Advise.

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Yellow Sulphuret of Arsenic. Orpiment

Needle pricks from within outwards in chest; also on forehead, right side. Sticking behind ear. Difficult respiration. Skin chafed about genitals.

Leucoderma and squamous syphilides. Sciatica and pain around the knee.

Relationship.–Arsenic sulph rub (influenza with intense catarrhal symptoms, great prostration and high temperature, purulent discharges, psoriasis, acne, and sciatica. Chilly even before a fire. Itching in various parts. Pellagra).

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