Acid lactic (Homoeopathic Potency) – Original Schwabe Germany

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Homoeopathic Materia Medica (William BOERICKE)

Dose.–Dose.–3rd to 30th potency. Six to ten drops in a small glass of water in acute gastro-enteritis (Cartier) Must be used only on Homoeopathic Physician Advise.

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Lactic Acid

Morning sickness, diabetes and rheumatism offer a field for this remedy. Troubles in the breasts. Locally, in the tuberculous ulceration of vocal cords.

Stomach.–Tongue dry, parched. Thirst, voracious hunger. Canker, copious salivation and water-brashNausea; morning sickness, especially in pale anemic women. Hot, acrid eructation. Nausea, better, eating. Burning, hot gas from stomach to throat, causing profuse secretion of tenacious mucus, worse smoking.

Throat.–Fullness or lump like a puff ball. Keeps swallowing. Constricted low down.

Chest.–Pain in breasts, with enlargement of axillary glands, and pain extends into hand.

Extremities.–Rheumatic pain in joints and shoulders, wrists, knees, with much weakness. Trembling of whole body while walking. Limbs feel chilly.

Urine.–Large quantities passed, frequently. Saccharine.

Relationship.–Compare: Sarcolactic acid q v. Lithia; Phos ac.

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