Kent 65 (Anemia & Debility Drops)

(For Anemia & Debility)


Anaemia iron dificiency. Less quantity of Red Blood Cell (RBC) in the blood. Paleness, weakness and tiredness. Weak people anaemic and chlorotic, cold extremitics, over sensitiveness, worse after any active effort. Weakness after walking, exertion. Paller of skin, irregular distribution of blood, muscles flabby and relaxed. Increases the quantity of Haemoglobin in the blood. Makes nutritive conditions better. Anaemia convelescence, neurasthenia, insomnia. Increases the RBC red blood cells in the blood. Renders milk more nourishing and increases quantity. Mental exhaustion and general physical debility. Makes great improvement in tiredness, weakness, short breath, loss of flesh and symptoms of general breakdown.


Generally take 10 drops with some water, 3 times daily.

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