Kent 54 (Hepatitis C Drops)

(Hepatitis C )


Fatique or weakness. Hepatitis C. Loss of appetite. skin yellow, eyes yellow. Nausea, vomiting, belching, retching. Liver enlarged and  indurated. Sharp stitches in the left side. Burning in epigastrium. Retching and vomiting, vomiting of faecal matter. Liver congested, acute hepatitis. Fatty degeneration jaundice. Large yellow spot on the abdomen. Great weakness of digestion. Dropsy due to hepatic disease, atrophic form of nutmeg liver. Pain shooting across the lower abdomen from right to left. Hepatic and gall bladder obstructions. Stool clay coloured and pasty.


Generally take 10 drops with some water, 3 times daily.

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Beta vulgarisD2. Cardus marianusD2. Chelidonium majD2. Hydrastis canadensisD2. Lycopodium calavatumD2. Ptetea trifloliataD2. PhosphorusD6. Raphanus sat D3. Traxacum off D2. Uva ursiD2.