Kent 54 Drops for Hepatitis C – Kent Pharma



  • Indicated in burning and stinging pains across the liver region.
  • Fatigue or weakness.
  • Also improves appetite.
  • skin and eyes yellow.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Liver enlarged and  indurated.
  • Fatty degeneration jaundice.
  • Pain shooting across the lower abdomen from right to left.


In general use 10 drops three times daily in some water.

Liquid contains particles that are part of medicine.



Beta vulgaris D2, Carduus marianus D2, Chelidonium majus D2, Hydrastis canadensis D2, Lycopodium clavatum D2, Ptelea trifoliata D2, Phosphorus D6, Raphanus sativus D3, Taraxacum officinale D2, Uva ursi D2.


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