A Professional Homoeopath

Rizwan Hameed – Homoeopath
Associated with Homoeopathy since May – 2000
For Contact: +923165702828
Email: homoeopaithonline@gmail.com

Not a true believer on Homoeopathy when joined as career of Homoeopathic  Sales Representative but as time passes through while serving to HOMOEOPATHS as sales & marketing professional, witnessed  a number of mentally, socially and physically ill persons cured rate, finally  decided to study the homoeopathy and that time soul was encrypted with Homoeopathy.  During last 10 years I was blessed to meet with many classical Homoeopaths around the country who not only apply homoeopathy rather imprinted it.

A Senior Homoeopath

Aftab Hassan Minhas – Homoeopath
Associated with Homoeopathy since May – 1998
For Contact: +923455077020
Email: draftab_hassan@yahoo.com

To me Being Homeopath is not just a profession. Its my Passion. Its a matter to assist ailing humanity in their struggle to survive. When I saw people around me sick and not getting right remedies for their sufferings. I felt my responsibility to do an effort.

A long period after completion of my degree I did’nt started practicing it. Until at a stage I realized that alternate way of treatment (Homeopathy) is in fact the true natural way of treatment.

I believe its mind that plays vital role in revival of someone from sick stage to healthy individual. The same reason mind symptoms are considered most important in Homeopathy.

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