5 Ways to Manage Teething Troubles with Homeopathy

Many parents are alarmed when their calm and quiet baby suddenly cries              un-stoppably and needs to be carried around in arms all the time. Have you ever noticed that this happens around the time when your toddler is about 6-months old? Now let us tell you that this is a classic symptom of TEETHING; where the only natural thing that soothes your baby is trying our Homeopathic Remedies.

Biologically, teething is referred to as the process of eruption of milk teeth through the gums of toddlers. However, not to miss out the fact – Teething time varies from toddler to toddler. Even though usually, it starts between 6 to 12 months of age, some toddlers can begin teething as early as when they are three months in age.

Usually, when the forever dreaded by mothers – teething time begins, the first milk teeth to appear are the two middle teeth in the lower jaw, with two middle teeth in the upper jaw flashing next. And finally, teeth on the sides and back complete your baby’s perfect teeth smile!

The trouble that mothers dread is the discomfort their baby has to face because some teeth cause a lot more distress than others while erupting. For instance, molars do not erupt comfortably and take-up a lot more surface area, causing prolonged discomfort. Even though most toddlers flaunt a twenty-tooth smile between the age of two to three, for most of them, the process is a painful experience. So if you are looking for an explanation of your baby’s distressed behavior, minor illness, and crankiness – Teething Troubles is the answer. We understand that the next thing you want to know is how to soothe your baby. In this article, as one of the Best Homeopathic Company in Pakistan, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the Homeopathic Treatment of Teething pains, including Homeopathic Medicines that soothe symptoms like irritability and swelling of gums in babies.

The Problems of Teething

Even though some toddlers experience a very smooth teething process with minimal pain or discomfort, some of them can go through very painful teeth erupting time by experiencing symptoms like;

  • Excessive Saliva Drools – causing mouth rashes
  • Unnecessarily Chewing Objects
  • Inserting Fingers in Mouth
  • Irritation, Crankiness, Fretfulness, and Crying
  • Sleepless Nights
  • Swollen and Sore Gums
  • Fluid-filled Blisters around Erupting Tooth
  • Fever and Limited Diet

Common Misconception – Teething causes Diarrhea

For years, you must have heard that teething causes diarrhea. However, there is no truth to this fact; teething does not cause diarrhea. What mothers are not aware of is that it caused because of an infection in the Gastrointestinal Tract.

Notice that when a toddler is teething, they chew on random objects to soother their pain and discomfort, which might be unclean. However, symptoms like mild fever, sore and painful gums, and irritation are common. Not to forget – high fever is not a symptom of teething; it is unrelated to the process.

At the same time, when a baby might be teething, and a mother is unaware of it, she might introduce some new food, which might cause a pathogen in the toddler’s guts, leading to diarrhea. So if your baby is teething and experiencing diarrhea along with it, this might cause dehydration. Hence, make sure that the baby gets enough fluids like milk and water that hydrate.

Tips to Soothe a Toddler that keeps Mommy on Toes

Teething toddlers can act clingy and irritable. So we know, being a mother, you must be on your toes all day and night, rocking and rolling them in your arms, thinking about if any Natural Teething Remedies for Infants exist that might soothe your baby’s pain. Here then, we’ve covered some effective and Natural Teething Remedy for Babies that soothe swollen gums and ease the pain;

  • Rub the baby’s gums with a wet piece of gauze or a clean finger; gently put pressure on them to reduce discomfort.
  • Cold compresses are a life savior; they ease the soreness and swelling of teething gums.
  • Let your baby chew solid food like carrots, cucumber, or apples; make sure that they do not choke on food bits and just gnaw on it.

Homeopathic Remedies for Teething Toddlers

Using a Homeopathic Teething Medicine is a safe, all-natural and effective way to soothe pediatric teething pains. Some of the Best Homeopathic Medicines contain natural substances that are safe to consume, even for toddlers. Being a Homeopathic Medicine Company, we assure you that these medicines have no side effects and surely help in managing the symptoms of teething. These medicines are produced and prescribed by keeping in mind the individual symptoms every toddler shows. For Instance, some toddlers become cranky, stubborn, and irritable all day while teething. On the other hand, some are only cranky at night. So keeping in mind all these symptoms, to manage the teething troubles of every toddler, Homeopath prescribes the Best Homeopathic Teething Remedy on a toddler-to-toddler basis.  Are you looking for a Homeopathic Teething Remedy to manage your baby’s teething troubles? Get in touch with us at Homeopath or visit this link – https://homoeopathonline.pk/?s=Teething; you will surely find all-natural products providing Homeopathic Remedy for Teething Pains that make your life easy-peasy with a teething toddler!